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Approach to Therapy

Wendy Boorn’s many years of education, post-graduate training and professional experience have allowed her to become highly effective at treating a wide variety of issues, from parenting, to grief, to addictive illness and couples issues. By the time people seek professional help for their personal problems, they are usually feeling discouraged and even hopeless. Boorn takes seriously the power of her position and does everything possible to provide an emotionally safe and nurturing environment in which growth can flourish. She offers hope because she believes in people’s ability to evolve and change.

Boorn calls her treatment approach holistic systems therapy, meaning that she sees her clients not just in terms of their psychological makeup, but holistically, as the sum total of their bodies, minds and spirits. She and her clients assess strengths and deficits in each of these domains, and, out of this evaluation springs the direction for their work together.

She sees her clients in the context of the systems which form the fabric of their lives, including:

  • Intimate partnership
  • Family
  • School
  • Religious institution
  • Neighborhood
  • Workplace
  • Family of origin

All of these systems continually influence and are influenced by her clients. Boorn believes that, as any one person in a system begins to evolve, the entire system will begin to change. Therefore, by working with just one person, she can bring improvement to strained relationships between a mother and adult child or a husband and wife.

Boorn describes her therapeutic style as gentle, yet challenging. Her approach is direct and interactive, yet respectful and kind. Although well-trained in many modalities, treatment techniques are less important to her than is the quality of her relationship with her clients, for she believes that the relationship itself is the primary agent for change.

She cares deeply about her clients and believes fiercely in their ability to create for themselves the lives they yearn for. She sees herself not as a distant expert, but rather as a hands-on guide, teacher, and encourager. She envisions the therapeutic relationship as a partnership which she enters into with energy and enthusiasm. Wendy Boorn’s ultimate goal is to teach her clients how to become their own therapists and not need her anymore.

For more information about Wendy Boorn’s counseling practice, please contact her at wendy@mothersofadultchildren.com.

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