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Welcome to Wendy Boorn's website. Please feel free to look around. May you receive hope and counsel for dealing with concerns about parenting adult children. On these pages, you will find information, including excerpts, devoted to Wendy's book I Thought I'd Be Done By Now; information about her parent phone coaching and approach to psychotherapy; and links to her blog and books complementary to hers. If you find this material intriguing or helpful, you can buy the book directly from this website, and it will make its way to you in no time. Thank you for visiting. 

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I Thought I’d Be Done by Now
is a book of short essays and stories that provide comfort and challenge, inspiration and practical guidance to worried mothers (and fathers) of 20 to 50 year old adult children. Each one-page vignette ends with a one-sentence summarizing lesson, and a comprehensive index allows parents of adult children to look up specific topics such as releasing guilt and fear and learning to laugh at ourselves.

The Author:
Wendy Boorn is a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in training individuals, parents, couples, and families to create deep and respectful connections. Drawing on her 33 years of professional experience, her 45 years as a mother of two, and 21 as a grandmother of three, she has helped countless parents of adult children learn how to stay close without interfering. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, happily just one mile from her adult daughter.

"I was always either worried about how screwed-up my adult kids were, or how screwed-up my relationships with them were. I felt guilty and blamed myself for their problems. Then I started working with Wendy Boorn and everything changed. Now I know how to have peace of mind regardless of how my kids are doing.”

                                    ~ Margaret, mother of three adult children

“I Thought I’d Be Done by Now” is a treasure trove of practical ideas and inspiration to comfort, encourage and help mothers grow.”

                                    ~Jane Monachelli, L.P.C., author, 50 Ways to Love Your Mother

“Wendy’s wise insights and practical counsel in I Thought I’d Be Done by Now have made all the difference in relating to my young adult twin daughters. For the first time in years, we had a peaceful Thanksgiving, because I understand that they still need my approval. I have learned how to listen deeply.”

                                    ~ Joanne Deck, author, Worth Waiting for: Sane Sex for Singles

 “Wendy Boorn superbly illuminates complex family issues with a few short strokes. Read her book and then share it with your children.”

     ~ Janet M. Welch, M.L.S., Director, New York State Librarian, Ret.

I Thought I’d Be Done by Now
offers lifelines of hope and healing, a soothing balm for mothers struggling with guilt and shame.”
~ Robin B. Dilley, Ph.D., author, In a Moment’s Notice
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